Bank of Colorado Tejon Branch

421 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 719-227-0100

Bank of Colorado Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By handsomecowboy Aug 26, 2014

    If Only I Could Give 0 Stars...

    In a nut shell: alarmingly unreliable! There are several miserable experiences with this bank that have led to me closing my account. Each incidence individually is maybe forgivable, but after only having the account for 3 months, i am tired of making phone calls to fix their mistakes. Many of my complaints are in regards to the entire company, but their faults extend through the branches as well. While everyone at this branch is very friendly, the 3 people that i interacted with were incompetent. After opening a new account, it took almost a month to receive my debit card. Every time i called the bank about it (which they recommended doing when i opened it), they gave me a different excuse about the reason it had not delivered. One person finally admitted that the request for a debit car had not been submitted until a week and a half after my account was opened. On a corporate level: the e-statements take extensive loading time and may not load at all. Their online banking is not user-friendly. Changing my address with the bank requires the branch personnel to again submit my information to their national company. It takes at least 3 days. Once the bank determined i could be the subject of a card fraud, they decided to send me a new card. I received a message that my old card would become inactive by a certain date but my new card would have been sent a week before then. That date has come and gone, and while my old card is now inactive, i have yet to receive my new card. Yet again, they have left me with no way to withdraw money outside of their limited banking hours. I called the contact 877 number and tried every route to talk to someone. Each time i was transferred to an extension that was not answered and had a recorded message saying that the mailbox for that extension was full. There are so many problems with this bank that after only three months with them, i closed my account.

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