Charter One Bank Salem Branch

45 South Broadway, Salem, NH 03079

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Branch Phone Number 603-894-7400

Charter One Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Achilles Mar 24, 2014

    Worst Bank Ever. The Bank With The Most Hidden Fees And No Forgiveness. Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced.

    They've closed 10 minutes early. Once i was about 10 minutes till close, the sign still said open and the drive-thru did too. I parked, went to the locked door. Ok, I'll go through the drive-thru. I get back in my car, they see me drive around to the drive-thru, and as soon as i get over there they quickly shut off the open sign, still 5 minutes before the hour. They knew i was there but I guess getting home early was so important to them that they couldn't help a customer out.

    They have the highest overdraft fees and daily fees from any bank that i've ever used. And on top of them being the most outrageously expensive fees, most other banks will work with you if it was an accident, or first time mistake, or if it was only a $5 dollar amount. Nope! Not with citizens bank. I wrote a $5 dollar check once for a medical bill. On accident it went into the negative $2. They charged me $35 for that little mistake and since i didn't see it for 4 or 5 days, when i got news of my balance the next week it had passed $6.99 every single day for that stupid amount. That $2 bull $hi! "favor" they did for me cost me over $70 in fees. No forgiveness, just "that's good banking! "

    i will never recommend citizens bank to anyone that i care about!

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Mar 24, 2014

    Hello mmcderm1dmaildixie, I am from Citizens Bank's Office of the Chairman. I am very sorry to hear about your experience, and I would like to learn more to see how we can best help. In order to talk with you regarding your concerns, we need to speak with you one-on-one. Can you please email your name and a phone number we can reach you at to (Please do not include any personal information such as social security numbers or account numbers in your email.) Thanks -- we look forward to hearing from you!