Charter One Bank Woonsocket Branch

67 Cumberland Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895

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Branch Phone Number 401-767-3654

Charter One Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Margaret T. Nov 21, 2012

    I Have Had Nothing But Problems, Recently Lost $167.00, Once Again.

    They have switched my dates of debit withdrawels over and over, changing something else that comes in and debiting things, when money is the acct to wipe me for more fees, i am on a lawsuit list,on 16th a company i went on site check out, debited my account, wasn't supose, they apolized, crdited my account immediately, contacted and messaged bank, have online bank, gave them confirmation #, and company #. I had 5 debits that day and they charged me altogether $222,00, because they said fund were on hold even when the money ws in my acct, we have direct deposit, that took half my hubands check, they didn't contact the company that originally debited my account, i did, they company involved credited my account but the bank still charged me for small debits, so they waited 3 days and charged $222. 00, plus my debits, the company that had debited money from my accout over my account, credited it on the 16th, were good about it, so my account, already had the money in it, but citizens claims that it took 3 days to credit the money in my account, charged me all those fees, and they had a confirmation # and phone # for the company, left us with very little, and i have an autistic son, i battle everyday, we work hard for everypenny we earn, and they can't wait to find ways to take your hard earned money, they are not a people's bank, in the past the same thing they rearrange the debits and dates day to day. Times are tough enough, we enough already, in taxes, economy being as bad it is, we all struggle to makes end meat, you should be able to depend on your banks to help you, not rob your hard earned money.

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