Chase El Cajon East

1790 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92021

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Branch Phone Number 619-579-3771

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    Reviewed By Miguel Aug 17, 2012

    The Worst Bank I Have Ever Dealt With In My Life!

    Worst bank i have ever dealt with in my life! We didn’t choose this crap bank, it was forced when they bought washington mutual. It should be renamed chase overdraft bank these sobs will play every trick in the book to rob your money via overdrafts! There’s currently a class action lawsuit against this bank for their shady business practices.

    chase bank cost us more in one month than all the charges we ever had from all the other banks combined dating back to 1949 when we first opened our accounts with san diego trust and savings. Up until 2009 we had 5 wamu accounts open with a total of about $100,000. 00 between them, but october of 2009 when wamu website went down and we were finally forced login at chase site, it was one fee after the other!! Overdraft charge overdraft charge overdraft charge, even though we had over $100 grand in their bank! They never sent out an email, no notice, no warning, nothing.

    We had no idea wtf was going on because when they switched over from wamu it was confusing and terrible to figure out what the hell was going on with each of our accounts! They tried to get us to stay saying they would refund half the over $500 in overdraft fees, are you kidding me? Go to hell! Why anyone in their right mind would ever use this bank for anything is beyond me! I closed every one of our accounts and re-opened new online accounts with ing direct & it was the best move we ever made.

    Since 2009 ing direct has paid us interest on our account balances that has already added up to cover that $500 in overdrafts chase stole from us. Ing has never taken a single penny ever! If i could rate chase bank lower than a 1 i would! I left 2 of my wamu (now chase) credit cards open & paid them off, i never use them at all now. Why? I won't use them, i won't close them either just because i know its costing chase bank money for us to have them open but never being used. I hate this bank! I spit on chase bank!

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