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43333 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538

Baylands Location

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Branch Phone Number 510-657-0121

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    Reviewed By adeel May 20, 2013

    Horrible & Dishonest

    I have paid chase about $150 or more overdraft fee with in last two month just because chase hold my money for unnecessary reason and therefore I get behind in my payments and pay chase overdraft fee. I been with chase for about three years. I have personal checking account with chase and business account with bofa. Every month three or four times I transfer money from bofa account to chase. Last year i signed a contract with chase not to charge monthly fee and overdraft fee but the condition is i have to have direct deposit which i do. So i signed the contract hoping i am safe. For last few months chase started charging me overdraft fee. When I questioned either telephone chase banker or walking branch in fremont / mowry location. In return respond I get stories after stories and when i prove them wrong they come up with another brand new story. The situation is I request bofa to transfer fund to chase account three or four times of month. Bofa transfer money within 24 hours and i have proof. However chase take two, three some cases week to update the funds in my account and its all cash. While my account is in service I am making payments however due to lack of chase bank processing system money doesn't get available on time so chase charge me overdraft fee. Question: i asked chase customer service why are you taking days some time weeks to update my funds even though its cash. In return respond its a chase processing time. However there is no fix or listed time line when your money will be available. I asked why? Chase respond with another new story; chase terms and conditions. Chase is playing very sneaky and technical terms with me and taking full advantage just because they can. There is more to it however i believe i have run out of space. Thanks MyBankTracker to update my review.

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