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620 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

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Branch Phone Number 818-241-4104

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    Reviewed By mstarr2020 May 12, 2014

    Chase Bank Against Elderly, Females and Porn With Perfect Credit! Eric Holder Take Them Down! I Pay On Time All The Time!

    Eric holder, investigates Chase bank! Are they in trouble? Contact me, Chase is bad!

    I have 2 credit cards for 20 years never late and always pay more and in full with high limits whereby Chase bank reason reduced my limits to little more than what I owe! One 30k credit limit down to $3,000. Since I owe $1,600, and where I owe $16,000 they reduced that limit to $17,700. Notification in the mail came after I overpaid on my accounts.

    They lie. They said the needed to update my income but that's something a responsible bank does in advance. I had debt which is petite next to the millions I have in equity with a paid off shopping complex and an ocean front home with millions in equity. I've been able to give away millions in compliance with the law to my daughters & invested for them since they were mid teens.

    Chase bank uses the excuse I should submit my income and they will review it but I'm not playing their game. They had the opportunity to query me prior to their action and they did not. I had heard of Chase telling the porn industry they couldn't do business with them or give them accounts but I can't confirm. I had a few friends and people in business over the past months tell me they had this happen to them but it didn't affect me nor did i think it would.

    Chase bank is criminal in their efforts to attack existing clients with great credit who pay all my debt in payments, always more than i owe & often in full no matter how large or low the balance is. I am never late! My relationship with all other banks are intact and fine but not chase bank. We need to sue chase bank for any intentional infliction of emotional, financial, physical stress they've caused. Certainly they upset me big time when i least expected it and had not fully used my credit line i had for two decades. Chase bank needs to be closed down and the people in charge need to be fined and incarcerated if they have exceeded the law. I am a senior and I am a female. They discriminated against me!

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