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55 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113

Central San Jose Location

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Branch Phone Number 408-291-3331

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    Reviewed By batman1968 Jun 13, 2014

    Stay Away From These Crooks

    Chase are bunch of crooks.Their overdraft fees are outrageous! Customer service is crappy. I called office to claim about poor service, I get this stupid manger trying to hassle me. He even said twice their lawyers were going to go after me for complaining. Plus they have sex offenders working there. Why are these crooks allowed to do this. Plus Chase is racist -- only catering to blacks&mexicans!

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    Reviewed By Robert May 3, 2013

    Know up front where you stand and what is and is not acceptable to Chase: Adding new Bill Payee lag times

    Note: Business Banking Account
    Just add this to your know up front what's what bucket of tricks and big bank issues. Just got off the phone with on-line customer service, it is acceptable to Chase Bank to allow up to 48 HRS for a new payee to be added to bill pay.
    Chase: "well you know we sometimes have to do background research to ensure there is no fraud going on"
    Me: "fraud, Waste Industries, the garbage company, and why would you be doing fraud research on Waste Industries?"
    Chase: " well just so you know it can take up to 48 Hrs to add a payee, have I answered your question?"
    Me: "you've told me way too much!"
    So what really transpired here? And trust me this didn't come from the on-line customer service guys and gals, just me on a hunch.
    - The bill shows, and I tried to add a new payee as follows: 009 Waste Industries
    omg that 009 just blew the bill pay program's mind!
    - Just because I have other things to do today, and wanted to move on from paying bills, I added a new payee as follows: Waste Industries
    This new payee was immediately added, well OK not immediate, it took like 15 seconds.
    Lessons learned?
    A: The Chase Bill Pay system does not know what to do with leading numeric characters.
    B: It is entirely acceptable to Chase (not to you of course) to take up to 48 hours to add a payee to bill pay.
    C: During that 48 hour period it is up to you to figure out why bill pay has not or rather will not add the payee.
    Just know up front, and maybe consider another service provider.

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