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Chase Colfax and Sable

14601 E Colfax Ave, Unit A, Aurora, CO 80011

Sable Altura Chambers Location

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Branch Phone Number 303-344-0292

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Chase Branch Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Robert D. Aug 23, 2013

    Chase Bank is absolutely the worst bank in the United States

    Chase Bank breaks banking laws everyday, including senior fraud, telling lies about Clients and closing their accounts down when their chase employees break the laws. They are in conflict with anti-monopoly laws, and behave with arrogance beyond any measure. The U.S. Government should break this bank up, as it is too big. My experience was they closed down my accounts after 20 years+, they gave no reasons at all. They have too much power, and are an unlawful entity according to our anti-trust, and monopoly laws.

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    Reviewed By smartins0211 Mar 3, 2014

    Returned Check

    On the 27th of January, my Doctor, Dr. Shackelford, deposited a check I wrote him in the amount of $80. The check was later returned and my Doctor was charged a $12 return fee. I went and signed into my online banking page, and the only transaction showing, was an extended overdraft fee, in the amount of $15 on the 27th of January. I went into the Smoky Hill branch in Colorado and met with Nick Pacheco. I pulled up my account on his computer, and he confirmed, that the $80 check was nowhere to be found. Nick told me he would put in a request to Chase's online banking division, for investigation. This was not done, so I contacted the 800# for chase, and spoke with a "Jason" who tried to obtain a screenshot from my computer. He asked me to download "java" in order to get this done. Soon after downloading "java" my computer was infected with a virus, which took my 3 days to remove. Jason said he would forward my info to another specialist in the online banking department. I then was contacted by Gloria Earl at 877-747-9125 X1290387, and she indicated she would be taking over the investigation. She asked that I email her a copy of my screen shot, which I sent to her immediately after our conversation on the 26th of February. After not hearing back from Gloria, I contacted her today, and she said she had no answers for me, other than the check was indeed returned, and I was probably now going to be charged an overdraft fee. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! I contact Chase to inquire as to why I am not seeing the transaction, and in return, I am threatened with an overdraft fee. I AM FURIOUS, AND THIS IS INEXCUSABLE! I would like someone to contact me and let me know how to remedy this situation, without having to pay an overdraft fee, due to Chase's negligence.

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