Chase North Coral Springs

10585 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33076

Kensington Location

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Branch Phone Number 954-227-9393

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    Reviewed By Whatisit May 10, 2016

    Brookside branch review

    I have been a customer of this branch for many years, even when it was Washington Mutual. I was satisfied with their service, still am. Most of the employees are helpful and friendly. Except for a banking specialist named Victoria Naranjo. For a few years since she works there I put up with unfriendly face, she does not smile, is dry and not helpful. I tried avoiding sitting at her desk, tried to wait for other more friendly representatives. She is not a people's person, when she notices you are waiting she purposely takes a long time, gets up and goes and involves herself in conversations with other people, at times there is a long line waiting to be taken care of , she being the only one to take care of customers.... She goes to the drive thru and wastes time looking at the window, etc... And it is only 9:30, she just started working!! Even if the there is a long line of waiting customers, have been there many times! We are busy working people that have many chores to take care of, I understand representatives are busy too, but she seems to enjoy having customers wait for her. And of course NEVER smiles, she seems to be a bitter person. That is why I always avoid her. When she is the only one as a customer you are stuck!! Bank Specialists like her shouldn't be around customers, she should work in the back or somewhere where we the customers of Brookside Branch don't have to deal with her unfriendly attitude and face!! I am seriously considering taking my business to another Bank just because of her! This is the closest Chase to me. There is a Wells Fargo near. I can't believe this branch in Brookside keep such an unfriendly person working for them and making them look the point of leaving!

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