Chase Ridge and Hwy 20

1495 Buford Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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Branch Phone Number 678-377-2190

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    Reviewed By Betrayed Apr 30, 2014

    Zero Customer Loyalty

    I own a restaurant that is just over one year old. December - February were extremely bad months for business, resulting in severe cash flow problems for my business. I had no choice but to move funds back and forth, for several weeks, from two different accounts, to cover checks I had to write to stay open. As a result of this questionable judgement on my part, Chase placed my account on a restricted status, and then ultimately closed my account. I received no notification of either decision. I discovered it on my own, when I accessed my account online, and saw that a recent deposit had not posted. From the date of their decision, Chase denied all debits, but kept all incoming credits from my merchant processor.

    I called Chase "customer no-service," to try to speak with someone that could help. After one hour on the phone, and three levels of escalation, I ultimately got the same response. Tough. They told me they would hold "my money," for 10 business days, and then return it to me. They confirmed that no new debits could, or would, clear. Chase had the indecency to return checks, even though there was more than $4000 in the account, resulting in more than $300 in NSF and overdraft fees.

    I have been a Chase customer for many years, having other Chase accounts still open, and a Chase mortgage. When I asked if this was how they treated customers, they basically again read from their script.

    No wonder this bank has such a low rating with consumers.

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