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Chase Chicago Board of Trade

141 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

Central Location

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Branch Phone Number 312-588-0041

Chase Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Mr. A. Feb 16, 2014

    Chase kept suspending my account for no reason and now don't want to transfer my money to my Chinese company account!!

    I have been living in China for the past year and just opened my own company. About a few week ago, I wanted to link my Chase account with my Chinese company account and they suspended my account for no reason. I called them and after spending 1 hour on the phone they finally fixed it. A week later they suspended it again when I tried to transfer about $1500 just to test the system. I had to call them again till they fix it!! Now a few days ago I tried to transfer $21000 and they suspended it again!!! I called them spoke with many representatives and they said there was nothing they could do and that I had to go to a Chase branch or call my personal banker. I told them I don't have a personal banker and that it's not possible for me to go back to the US (It will be so expensive) and they said there was nothing they could do!! If they pay for my ticket I would gladly return but to suspend my account for absolutely no reason its so fucked up. Now they just want to give me problems and slow me down so they can earn interest on my money, cuz they knew very well I'll transfer them! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK AND THIEVES!!

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