Chase Printers Row

550 S Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60605

South Loop Location

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Branch Phone Number 312-212-1374

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    Reviewed By Robert Jul 27, 2012

    When It's Bad, It's Really, Really Bad. When It's Good, It's Just Okay.

    I have the debit credit card overdraft protection. I opted for them to never approve any purchase that would cause an overdraft. I just checked online at the bank site about how it works just to make sure i knew what i was talking about. Two days ago there was an unauthorized (not scam) charge pending with a company i am already having problems with and am willing to go to court over. I called the bank immediately and they reversed the payment. Two days later they allowed the same payment and a $34 overdraft fee.

    I called again and they wouldn't do anything. I'm going to go to the branch and attempt to close my account and i'm not paying them the minus $64 they have posted to my account. Whether they close it or not, it won't matter for me. My credit sucks, i'm on disability, and they can't get money from me. I don't know what they'll do yet as it was just this morning and i haven't gone there yet but they can rack up all the daily charges they want. Obviously, the agreement i signed not allowing them to approve any charge that would make me overdrawn isn't worth the paper it's written on. Do not bank at chase.

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