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Chase Pilsen

2228 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Little Village Location

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Branch Phone Number 773-376-4600

Chase Branch Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By jlee6926 Mar 7, 2014

    Nice bank

    I always thought big banks like chase or US bank had this funky practice where they treat everyone like prisoners or something. The reason I developed this concept was because of interesting people on the internet..

    The people who work at chase are extremely nice and seem genuine. These ice is excellent and I like how they utilize their ATM machines. I never really had a issue with them mainly because I don't have any major thing going on like mortgages or auto loans but my overall experience is pretty positive. I also like how honest my local banker was. He told me cool stories too.

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    Reviewed By Chesterton7 Aug 2, 2014

    Watch out for ATM errors , Chase makes it very difficult

    Made an ATM deposit where machine reads checks rather than customer inputting amounts. ATM read check of 1600$ as 600$. Called to get fixed, spoke to 3 agents 45 minutes, all agents looked at the check made out to me, and said the error was obvious. They then told me they could not correct error because my wife had made the deposit and because of "Privacy concerns" she was the only one who could call and get it corrected. It is a joint account and the check in "dispute" was made out to me and signed by me. I was at work and my wife was out shopping after breaking her phone yesterday, and a new one not arriving till Monday. I don't know what they were trying to do since we are both on the account, I could understand privacy thing if we were talking about a purchase but a ATM machine reading a check wrong for a $1000 error that they all saw pictures of? Maybe they could see that I had two large withdraws coming out and if they pushed me back till Monday it would overdraw me. (It was Saturday). 3 customer service reps saw pictures and refused to correct banks error. Asinine........
    J. Spanier
    Chesterton Indiana

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    Reviewed By Bernice M. Dec 16, 2013

    Bernice Mata-

    I called Chase Customer service and I did not wait long to talk to a rep her name was Sarah Tamez. I expressed to her that I made a charge and now I have a negative and overdraft fee. Sarah Tamez was very patient and helpful. She went over the top to help me. I expressed to her I have my mother in the hospital and I'm in a hotel. I needed to make another transaction and i will pay at the end of the month I am on leave at work to take care of my family issues and what she did for me was such a weight off my chest. I haven't had a overdraft in yrs and suddenly I am in need. Thank you so much Sarah Tamez for doing your job well and going beyond for customer service. FYI: my job as well is in retail as a manager and giving customer service year after year getting secret shop scores of 99 and above was a priority for me and my team. Its feels great getting that exceptional service in return when you give it all the time. Thank you, Sarah Tamez.

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