Chase Linden Plaza

2030 E Grand Ave, Lindenhurst, IL 60046

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Branch Phone Number 847-356-6534

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    Reviewed By Fed u. Jul 8, 2014

    BEWARE - Thinking of filing a complaint

    Have been with them for years, but pulling my money from them. I liked the ability to do things online, but can't justify the cost of doing business with them. Had some Chase business accounts (credit cards) that were not mismanaged by my co-owner, which turned into the need to do auto payments from checking. Much confusion about payments and we have tried to resolve several times to change the accounts funds came from, etc.Chase refuses to make changes, takes money (Chase takes from Chase accounts for Chase payments) when there is no money in the account, overdrafting the checking account as often as possible. They then charge fees on top of fees. They have made a FORTUNE on us and have taken advantage in the worst ways. Don't seem to be able to fix anything ("that's another division", "oh, that's not really us taking money and fees for us, that's another division", "I can't fix the auto payment on your checking" - was speaking to the checking representative, etc.). I am even thinking of filing a complaint with the organization that regulates federal banks for protection and oversight of my case. I don't trust Chase any longer and believe they are not motivated to change anything in this situation since it's so profitable for them. Fees may not be illegal (unsure), but behavior is certainly unethical. WATCH OUT if you get tangled with the credit card division - don't seem to have any ethics whatsoever. I recently blocked their calls because in addition to reaching into accounts to overdraft them they are calling my home up to 10 times per day - and they are getting their money and then some! Too bad a nationally known bank is acting like a "juice loan" organization. Truly disgusted with this bank.

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