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Chase Townline and Lake

380 Townline Rd, Mundelein, IL 60060

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Branch Phone Number 847-566-2197

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    Reviewed By Tpatrickryan Jan 23, 2014

    Charge denied and high risk of fraud due to Target

    Hopefully Eileen Serra, CEO of Chase Credit Cards will see this.
    I recently bought a car and was told I could put $5000 on my credit card which I attempted to do. Due to the way the dealership did it, the charge was denied. I was informed by the dealership of the denial and put the charge on another card. An hour later I received an automated call asking me if I authorized the charge. I responded that I did. It then ended the call. I called Chase back and spoke to a woman who told me it was denied due to the way the it was entered and that I was in big danger of fraud due to the Target Corp problem. I asked when they were informed of this. She didn't know. Certainly news to me (as we rarely shop at Target) but not news to Chase. She wanted to cancel my cards. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She also couldn't tell me when the found out and apologized. I asked why I wasn't informed via email or robo call. No answer. They want to replace my cards for my protection -- actually their protection!!. When asked what consideration they would give for my inconvenience and embarrassment she didn't have much to offer. She did offer to give me the $5000 miles that would have accrued if the charge had gone thru. Asked if there was a problem with my account she told me that I was a valued customer for 15 years. For the record I pay the entire balance off every month and have done so for many many years. In the end they are replacing the cards and leaving me to contact all auto pay accounts that we have to give them new instructions.
    The fact that Chase didn't have the courtesy to advise me via email or phone that my card was in jeopardy but was quick to cancel a legitimate transaction of someone who has been a card holder for 15 years is appalling. Hardly good customer service. If Chase wants to contact me I can be reached at They can also listen to the recordings of the calls which I am sure they have.

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