Chase Marwood

3451 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46221

Decatur Location

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Branch Phone Number 317-321-7172

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    Reviewed By jkealey317 Jan 5, 2016

    Deposited money in Atm and said I didn't

    I am so frustrated with this bank in a 3 week period they made some very bad mistakes. The one I am dealing with at this moment is like no other. I went to this branch where I have opened my account and where I do all my transactions. I work and get paid cash. So, I always use the ATM to deposit my money. I went a deposited $850 it prints a receipt after taking my money stating error call 800 # or go speak to banker. I go inside show him what the ATM printed out he called the claims department he said they would review my dispute and would have an answer within so much time. So, a few hours later my money was credited back to my account and now a month later after I just paid bills I get an alert and it says I'm -$175 that they reversed my dispute and took $850 out of my account. I called the customer service department which she stated that when they contacted the branch they said there was no money in the ATM showing it was over the amount it should have been. I am so angry I can't sleep or even think straight. They have made 2 other mistakes also. I went through the drive through and needed a sheet of checks , I didn't bother to look at the name I never have so, I write my check out for my truck payment sign my name go to post office mail it out days and days go by call my financing company they said my check is being sent to fraud department due to something with my check. I was so confused I go into the branch a banker looks through my acct nothing showing that they ran the check I had the checks laying out the 2 I had left. He types me a letter up to send to my payment company. I leave it's a few days later I go to write a check I glanced seen some man's name and immediately knew that here is my mistake. So, I know I didn't notice but a teller and a banker both looked at the same checks and never noticed. I could not believe myself. How is there people that are in charge of our money making g such big mistakes. I am going there first thing in the morning and I hope they figure it out or LAWSUIT and news!

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