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    Reviewed By Majid M. Oct 7, 2013


    I have a Chase sapphire Preferred Card and it comes with a 40,000 bonus points after spending $2000 within the first three months. Chase updates the bonus points at the end of each billing cycle along with the billing statements. I had already spent the required spending limit before the billing cycle due date but my last transaction was pending at that time, so Chase did not count it towards my spending limit and did not update my signup bonus at the end of my billing cycle. Thus, after my pending transaction was posted, I kindly called the Chase asking them to update my signup bonus so I would not wait until the end of the month to get it, but they rejected my request and told me there is no way to get the points before the next statement bill. Since I really needed the points to book a flight, I asked them if I can change my billing cycle due date to get my points sooner, but I was told even if change it, I have to wait one-two billing cycle to be in effect. It was one of my horrible experience with Chase showing their strict policy with no flexibility in favor of the customers.

    My other experience with Chase was even worse when I tried to get my $200 bonus for opening a new Chase checking account. I opened a Chase checking account and after I met the criteria for the bonus, Chase kept $56 out of $200 as a federal interest withheld, so I was going to deal with a lot of troubles to be finally able to get my money back. Fortunately, I was able to get my money back but after a long hassle (After 3 weeks fighting, going 3 times to the local store branch and talking 5 times on the phone with the Chase Customer Service).

    In conclusion, although Chase rewards and points may seem lucrative at first, but you should not generally expect to get them easily without any problem at the end.

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