Chase Kaliste Saloom

1233 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508

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Branch Phone Number 337-236-7729

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    Reviewed By NormallyHappy Jan 1, 2014

    Fees on top of fees!

    Banks are supposed to hold your money and protect it, this is not what they do at Chase. I had a fraud charge on my account which I was told would be refunded into my account. Before it was refunded my monthly phone bill debited and overdrafted my account because the fraudulent charge had all but wiped it out. My contract with Chase specified not to allow charges to overdraft my account and to deny them instead. They charged me a $34 overdraft fee when it should not have gone through because of my contract not to mention if my money had been put back into my account in a timely manner ( it took them over 2 weeks) then it wouldn't have been an over draft in the first place. By the time my money was put back they had charged me another $15 as an extended overdraft fee because my account was in the negative while I waited for my money to be returned.
    To top it all off they then charged me a $6 service fee because I didn't make at least 5 debit card transactions that month. After talking with them the only thing put back in my account was the fraud charge. Horrible customer service! They charge soo many fees it's amazing I have any money left.

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