Chase Marlboro

290 Ave X, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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Branch Phone Number 718-336-0765

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    Reviewed By worstmanagerever Oct 12, 2016

    Exceptionally incompetent staff and rude management

    I've banked with Chase for a while and generally receive excellent customer service. This branch, however, is an unfortunate exception. While trying to get a replacement debit card, I spoke with Alex, one of their bankers, who denied me the replacement card because the state identification I provided, though matching the exact ID number they had in their system, was not a driver's license (it must have been erroneously entered as a driver's license by Chase when I opened the account, as I've never had a driver's license). I've used the same New York ID when getting previous replacement cards, so I was a bit taken aback that despite having multiple forms of identification (passport, state ID) and clearly being the person listed on the account, he refused to budge.

    Since Alex seemed like a hapless, incompetent worker drone lacking common sense, I kindly asked to speak with his manager about the issue. Rather than resolve the situation, which only arose because of Chase's error, the manager, Angela, was not only extremely rude and condescending, but was even more unwilling to assist. To make matters worse, she claimed it was my fault that the system had my ID listed as a driver's license. Incredulous at the lack of professionalism and courtesy, I began to raise my voice, at which point she told me that I must not have been raised correctly and told me to bank at another institution.

    I left the Avenue X branch while Angela was still berating me, and went to a branch about a mile away. They immediately issued me a replacement card and apologized for Angela's antics.

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