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111 8Th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Midtown Location

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    Reviewed By Nomorelies Jun 11, 2014

    The branch manager said I abused him

    Today I walked into a Chase branch on 23rd and 9th Ave to inquire as to why my son's dedicated account closed two months prior and I was never notified? I went directly to the branch manager and explained that I was highly pissed off. We went into his little glass office and I asked him to run his title by me again he replied with his title and I explained what happened. I then inquired him, "how are you a manager giving out falsified information, when you clearly stated that withdrawing monies from the account would not affect it." (Here we go again with individuals who hold high positions and have no clue as to what they are telling you, or how to perform their job duties).

    Well, he reopened my son's account with no hesitation and then stated I was abusing him. I asked him to explain in depth how I was abusing him, when I never yelled, cussed at him or was rude but my facial expressions and body language sure did project that I was irate. How would they feel if someone messed with their money and never gave a reason. I reiterated my question as to why I was not notified and he did not have an answer but explained that he was helping me.

    How? By telling me nothing? Not to mention this person had the nerve to address me by my first name. What the hell -- do you know me? Is this how business is done now a days? No professionalism, no respect, no one in that bank is meticulous and it seems they don't comprehend jargon outside of their business jargon. I mean come on, you apply for a job, a job does not come to you therefore, you think that you would want to be as flawless as they come when interacting with customers whether irate or not especially when the error is on your behalf? Poor service.

    Chase Bank has the worst employers around, yet, it is not the insiders being ripped off or screwed around so they will never improve in that area.

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