Chase Greenwich Village

340 Ave Of The Americas, New York, NY 10011

Lower Manhattan Location

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Branch Phone Number 212-353-6266

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    Reviewed By Brittany S. Sep 15, 2009

    Students beware! So many problems. Where to start...

    Transparent banking? NOT HERE! Rude, unprofessional, and unable to rectify their mistakes. I am a student and opened a student account about a year ago. Since my account was inactive over the summer for about a month or so, by federal regulations (apparently) they changed my account to a checking account which requires a minimum balance or else they charge a monthly fee. Since they did not notify me about this change I only noticed these fees when I had another much bigger problem. I deposited $700 cash to a teller last week, which they deposited in someone else's account by accident. So not having this money sent me into a negative balance which I was incurring fees on. Instead of correcting this and depositing my cash into my account, they had to credit me for the $700 dollars. I waited for 2 hours to talk to someone but then they told me to leave because I would not get to talk to anyone before the branch closed. So I went in the next day to talk about all the fees I have been charged, and when they checked my account balance I had not been credited for the $700! I had to wait for another 2 hours to talk to someone. They had to then get the manager, call the other branch, realized their mistake for leaving a student without access to her own money for 5 days, and didn't even apologize. I told them politely I would be closing my account and would like to have the balance of my account in cash immediately. However, they were still unable to give me access to my own cash for another 24 hours. Now I have to go in, again tomorrow, to close my account, and hopefully they will give me my money.

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