Chase Columbia University

2824-26 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Upper West Side Location

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Branch Phone Number 212-961-2050

Chase Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Zed Dec 13, 2012


    I entered the wrong zip code after a recent move and chase's "pin" security locked me out of my account! Anyone else have this issue? They won't let me withdraw cash! I have cash plans tonight! I can't get to my money! Even though i verified my identity etc, this security feature is so "secure" that i can't use my bank account? Even worse the customer services representatives told me visa could lift the lock before 12pm, but visa said, of course that chase is solely responsible for this inflexible policy. They gave me the run around! Worst customer service ever, they are unsympathetic.

    This is what happening in banking post great recession, chase is so big and impersonal that you really are just a number. The most disturbing thing is that this is my hard earned money, that i need to access in cash format, but my bank of all things is withholding it from me. I'm finding another bank that will actually do something for me rather than profiting off of me and sending me advertisements and promotions for big box stores they share stock with, while stoically remaining unhelpful and withholding my earnings from me. #radicalinfracturechange #modernissues #postgreatression #chasebanksucks #fml #powertothepeople

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