Chase Pomona

1581 Rte 202, Ste 2, Pomona, NY 10970

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Branch Phone Number 845-354-4020

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    Reviewed By Iwasshocked Feb 14, 2014

    Shocked at the lack of privacy with personal information

    I had the WORST experience at the chase Band located at 58 W Ramapo Rd Garnerville, NY. ( I have to say that the tellers at this branch have ALWAYS been a pleasure to work with and this review is certainly no reflection on them) I went in to get something notarized and waited over 30 minutes. The long wait time was certainly annoying as I sat and listened to Erica talk loudly and incessantly to the couple she was serving but I figured this was their idea of friendly service. What I found absolutely UNACCEPTABLE is the way this couples private information was broadcasted across the bank. I know both of their names, how much money they make jointly, their home address including apartment number, his mother maiden name and the approximate time their cards are due to arrive in the mail .I guess the couple are lucky that I am not a thief because the bank employee would have made my job very easy, if I were one of the bad guys. In this day and age of identity fraud I was absolutely flabbergasted at the unprofessional and dangerous business practices being displayed right in front of me. If they care so little about this couples privacy, how in the world and I supposed to feel safe about how my information is handled?

    Erica, the chase employee in question, could tell that I was very annoyed at the situation but it was her believe that my frustration came from having to wait so long. I was fine with letting her believe this was the reason for my frustration until she then curtly told me that if I had called and made an appointment for notary services then I would not have had to wait. I replied that I DID call and if making an appointment ahead of time was such a great idea then perhaps the person on the phone should have informed me of that option. She went on to make a quip about how it was 20 minutes until 6 ( I arrived at 5:15) and that I was lucky that they even had a notary available to help me.

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