Chase U of R River Campus

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627

Highland Location

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Branch Phone Number 585-275-4560

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    Reviewed By Dorene Aug 2, 2012

    Overdraft Fees And Better Business Bureau

    I am not happy with chase. When i wake up in the morning i feel dread in my chest when i open up my account to see if there is some fees or some type of twist. I have now opened up a new account with a different bank. This bank, chase has been reported so many times and now i'm tired of it. The new strategy with them is, "don't pay any of her checks. " i had $3,000. 00 put in my account i had a check for a bill three days before giving it enough time to clear.

    Well.. They canceled my bill payment, charged me an overdraft fee even though i had money in the account so they made a $35. 00 investment off my $3,000. 00. I have many many stories from this place of hell. I pushed and shoved with them. Once i was overdrawn when i just put in three cash deposits. The teller from another state had to reverse it. They only allow one reversal fee a year no matter if you're right. So my verizon bill wasn't paid, they tried six times to get the money. Nope.

    Chase kept ignoring it. So i went ahead and paid it in cash. Same with any of my other bills they won't pay it. I tried using my debit card and chase blocked me from paying bills with it. Can't pay my tw bill, electric bill. The only thing i can do is take cash out and swipe at the store. Even then i am wondering if they'll decline it for fun.

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