Chase LBJ and Abrams

9401 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75243

Lake Highlands Location

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Branch Phone Number 972-690-8600

Chase Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By ktaustin28 Aug 19, 2013

    Absolutely Terrible Service- Unclear And Not Helpful

    I was bringing by sister into the bank to deposit/cash a check and the week prior we had contacted the firm asking what documents she would need to bring in since she has a joint account and the person on the phone was absolutely lovely and explained to us that we would need her id (i was told that a school id would work if it was a joint account since she is a minor and dosen't drive yet. ) upon entering the bank i was greeted. Approaching the teller i brought her most recent bank statement and her school id and her check-and her. We were then told that the check could not be cashed or deposited. I furiously left the bank and one of the most inappropriate things to happen did- one of the banking employees came to my car, in my personal space and yelled to not be rude or upset. Ok, you don't want me to be rude or upset then please be more clear on what is needed-document wise. We were told one thing and rejected. Mind you this bank has never been great with customer service and we have been waiting to change till she turns 18. The bank is located on audelia road in dallas tx.

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