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Chase Cross Timbers and Morriss

2211 Cross Timbers, Flower Mound, TX 75028

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Branch Phone Number 972-539-6595

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Chase Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Whitney M. Dec 17, 2012

    Chase lied to me and they will lie to you also!

    I have had a credit card with Chase for over 7 years. I also have a store card and an auto loan with them. In those seven years I have made my payments on time every single month. Well, life happened to me a few months ago and I was late making ONE payment. When they called to tell me I immediately made that payment over the phone and asked if this would effect my credit. The man told me it would not go on my credit report since it was the first time I had ever missed a payment. I didn't argue about late fees and paid everything I owed. Then, two months later my husband and I went to buy a home and when they ran my credit my score had dropped from a 700 to a 620 because of that missed payment that was never supposed to be on my report in the first place. You have to have a credit score of at least a 640 to qualify for a house so we were denied. I called Chase to let them know they had made a mistake but they wouldn't take it off my report. I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and told every news station I could find which got their attention and I went as high as to speak with Curt in the executive office. He told me he would review my case but came back a few days later saying they "wont give false information to the credit bureau." They refuse to honor their word. This coming from the same company who is forgiving hundreds and thousands of dollars in debt to people who can't pay their mortgage payments because they don't want to report a bunch of foreclosures. When I brought that up he didn't deny it, he only said that "it has nothing to do with the matter at hand." They lie and they don't care about you.

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    Reviewed By Anonymous2U Mar 4, 2014

    Positive Pay incorrectly applied resulting in check invalidation

    Attempted to cash a small check issued from a major dental insurance company that provides benefits for employer. After a considerable amount of time passed at the teller station, the Branch Manager explains that the check cannot be cashed or deposited, despite having more than enough in my account to cover, because it does not appear on an approved list of payments issued under "positive pay" program. Was told that the employer's bank accounts that are also at Chase use this system. Problem is, despite the employer's name appearing on the check, the check was paid by the insurance company. Check was returned with endorsements cancelled. Instructed to contact insurance company. Called the insurance company and was told that they don't know anything about "positive pay" program and that the check was invalid after having been attempted to be cashed/deposited twice. Would have to wait for the check to be reissued and mailed. The voiding of the check and the my inability to cash or deposit the check clearly resulted from both the teller and the Branch Manager either not understanding what they were doing or mistakenly identifying the check as being issued by the employer and not the insurance company. This was the 2nd major disappointment in the service received in less than 2 weeks. Closed all accounts and safe deposit box. Will never to return to Chase Bank as a customer.

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