Chase Culebra

10680 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

Mountain View Acres Location

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Branch Phone Number 210-647-2900

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    Reviewed By BerryDissapointed May 15, 2014

    Small Business Owners = Peons in Chase's eyes

    About a month or so back my husband and I applied for a business loan and were denied. We have one franchise location that we have had for about 6 years and continue to have steady yearly income increases, and we run our business money through Chase. It's extremely disappointing that when we initially moved to banking with Chase, about 4 or 5 years back, we were misled to believe that Chase was family oriented and business friendly for business owners. We were promised by a banker, that was obviously dying to get our business, that we would have no issues with getting approved for another business loan after a few years of us being loyal customers, but to this day we have yet to see any type of business loan friendly help.

    We are responsible people and pay our Wells Fargo business loan and personal bills on time, but my husbandâ??s outstanding credit score of 800+ was smeared terribly during his horrible divorce. His score has dramatically increased since then, but Chase doesn't seem to care whatsoever. We opted to use Chase instead of Wells Fargo because we figured the payments would be easier to handle all in one place because we are already loyal customers. We feel that Chase only cares about the larger companies, and the smaller business owners are put in a corner. But they sure as hell love our business and donâ??t see the big picture of a thriving small business owner that is wanting to expand with the same exact franchiser in another prime, money generating location. Itâ??s extremely sad that the extremely wealthy, billion dollar companies are the only ones they ultimately care about.

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