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Chase Louetta and Kuykendahl

4751 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77388

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Branch Phone Number 281-288-7682

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Chase Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By femida May 20, 2013

    Does Not Lend To Small Businesses!

    After keeping a business and personal account with chase for over 15 years, they turned us down for a line of credit. We have an extremely high daily average balance, have 4 of their credit cards, whose payments are never late, have an excellent credit score, and still were declined. Bank of america and one other local bank, with whom we have no prior business relationship, gave us loans within two days, with minimal paperwork! I guess its time to switch banks. And here we thought a long term relationship would pay off! Not with chase!

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    Reviewed By Julie M. Oct 16, 2012

    Could Not Be More Infuriated!

    Even though chase got a ten billion dollar bailout from the bush administration (i. E. Us, because we pay taxes), can they cut a break for a loyal customer? Oh, hell, no! I despise the underhanded way they do business. They reserve the right to change any policy at any time for no reason, and it's the customer who suffers for their mercurial decision making. I hate them. They're nothing but a bunch of suit-wearing parasites, and no government entity will stop them. They can kiss my ass. I'm taking all my business to a credit union.

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