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    Reviewed By Woodswalker Jun 6, 2014

    Non-useful policy -- really?

    I had the displeasure of experiencing Chase's new and incredibly annoying policy this morning.

    I had given Chase the Heave Ho after they hopelessly screwed up the purchase of a fine local bank (WAMU), lost whole account balances and then tried to tell me I had taken the money out in another state 2/3 of the way across the country earlier that morning.

    This AM, a road tripping friend who is moving back to MN to care for an ill father after her mother passed earlier this year, was stranded in rural Montana with a sick child and needed to hole up for a few days to let the kiddo heal. This hopelessly busted a tight budget. I offered to drop some cash into the account so that it would be immediately available to help out until they can get to MN. Abso-freaking-lutely incredible. I had name, account number, my own ID and steel engraved portraits of dead historical guys. No sweat you think. Just pump in cash so that there is not a wait for interbank clearing, Right?

    Not even close.

    Apparently the lackwits at Chase, in addition to being unable to complete a buyout with out screwing it up, failed to read the face of the currency " This Note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". It's the currency of the land for goodness sake. Chase being completely bereft of common sense, I was unable to deposit the cash and instead was forced to use my debit card from my credit union for a cash advance (for which I will pay a fee) in order to help out my friend. I did in fairness have other options -- money orders (WU/USPS/ETC, for a fee), a check from my account (checkbook was 12 miles away in my nightstand) or open an account. Not particularly useful in any instance.

    I knew there was a reason I fled when WAMU was bought out and went to a credit union. Now there are reporting requirements with thresholds like $2300 dollars for cash withdrawals for reporting, $10,000 for the Banking Secrecy Act. But blocking a simple $100.00 deposit to help out a friend in need is simply totally and absolutely

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