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Chase Third and University

1201 3Rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Central Business District Location

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Branch Phone Number 206-461-6475

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Chase Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Ray Jun 10, 2012

    I Lost One Million Dollars

    I lost one million dollars due to incompetence & apathy. It started with washington mutual & continued during transition to jp morgan chase. My mother's friend (of 50 years) drafted a will in 2004. Since 2001, i was the beneficiary of her aig annuity, handled by the bank. My friend (94 y/o) had no family, and a distant relative wanted to inherit everything & aggressively pressured her to eliminate me & the step-daughter from the estate. I reported the relative to the estate attorney, & i was appointed as power of attorney & executrix to protect her.

    By mid '05 my friend was making irrational financial decisions & was increasingly incapacitated by "medically diagnosed" dementia, paranoid ideation & was borderline competent, needing my help with everything. In oct. '06 my friend's relative, knowing she had dementia, took her to the bank to remove me as the aig beneficiary after my friend became upset and confused over a routine aig letter. I contacted the financial adviser in person (after he avoided my phone calls) saying i suspected the relative may have had my name removed & she tried this before.

    The financial adviser lied & falsely assured me i was still the beneficiary. He knew his client was cognitive impaired but did nothing to investigate, & declined my offer to contact the estate attorney to verify everything. When my friend died at age 96 (after being declared incompetent), i discovered i was left nothing. I contacted the new financial adviser, who was flippant, but he sent the documents, medical records, etc, i gave him to the bank's compliance department. They wrote they were investigating, responding 2 years later & only after i filed a complaint with the us comptroller of currency & took legal action.

    Chase, who never spoke to me or my attorney, exonerated themselves, concluding "on that day" my friend was not unduly influenced. Matter was swept under the table. Details on f/b: jp morgan chase-beware

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    Reviewed By Jul 2, 2014

    Chase is the worst bank ever!

    I have been with chase for years and it is getting horrible by the day! When you call customer service you get a foreigner that you can't understand,and the one who you can understand are not helpful. I can't lie there was a guy in the past that was awesome. But everyone else sucks. This year I have racked up more than $400 in fees and it's only been 6 months. A direct deposit of more than $1000.00 was going in every week. I know that's chump change for you guys. But I'm taking my direct deposit to navy federal. It's sad because I really liked this bank that's why I stuck around for the last 5 years.

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