Citizens Bank and Trust Company Trenton Branch

816 Main Street, Trenton, MO 64683

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Branch Phone Number 660-359-2232

Citizens Bank and Trust Company Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By ChristianFarm May 6, 2015

    Steer Clear and Drive Away Fast!

    I wasn’t with them long, but closing my account with Citizens felt like escaping from the jaws of a ravenous shark.

    I ran into some hard times recently. I was one day late transferring money to Citizens for an auto-debit for my student loans. Citizens charged me $34.50. This is vaguely fair since I did agree they could do this. Still, it does cost them half a dollar to process the returned auto-debit. So basically they took $34 from me.

    However, their advertising proclaims how friend-like and family-like they are, so I asked them if they could take away some or all of the fees. They said no. That was fine.

    So I did the responsible thing and I canceled the auto-debit for my student loans. But Citizens went right ahead and charged me another 34.50. They claimed to have been re-debited and to have returned the item. They said that this was coming from my student loan provider. They said that they could put a stop to the other company debiting me, but that would cost me another 34.50!

    However, they were lying through the teeth. I had already canceled auto-debit a week ago! Just to make sure, I called my student loan provider, checked the paperwork, and it was definitely Citizens Bank pretending to be re-debited so they could charge me more fees. When I pointed this out to them, they said they still wouldn’t return the extra $34.50 they took.

    Ironically, during these hard times, my other bank in Los Angeles 100% compassionately canceled my overdraft fee! It is pitiful when the Christian-radio-playing small town bank is more criminal than the banks in the big cities.

    Furthermore, I really think Citizens should rethink their name. By preying upon fellow citizens, this bank is doing something intensely unpatriotic.

    Citizens Bank, don’t call yourself my friend or my family. My friends and my family have helped me survive you!

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