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442 South De Mazenod Drive, Belleville, IL 62223

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    Reviewed By Rhill9 Dec 18, 2012

    Fee For Not Supplying An Email Address?

    Commerce bank will soon have a new fee for its long-time customers. You see commerce bank used to offer free paper statements to account holders. However the teller at my local branch just notified me that in 2013 the paper statements will go away. If account holders want to receive paper statements there will be a $2/mo charge. That is not a major issue it helps the environment, personally i want e-statements because i just file the paper ones away. I also understand the additional charge that is not an issue. So what is the problem? Account holders must change to e-statements online and this is where it gets tricky. A change cannot be done without linking your bank account to an email address.

    I don't know about you but my email has been hacked before, been the target of spear fishing attacks, has been inundated with spam, and has been on the receiving end of viruses. Because of these security issues i abandon e-mail accounts every year. However there is no way to setup e-statements without an email address. (to clarify here the email account is only used to notify account holders that an e-statement is available on commerce bank's website. The statement is not emailed to account holders). So what does this mean? Unless the bank changes its policy, in 2013 commerce bank will start charging a $2/mo fee to account holders who do not link an email account to their bank account. So i am asking the public here... In the age of online security threats, does this policy actually make sense to anyone?

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