Crow River State Bank Minnesota Lakes Bank

710 Babcock Boulevard, Delano, MN 55328

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Branch Phone Number 763.972.3385

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    Reviewed By Travis31415 Feb 27, 2014

    Terrible banking experience. They will literally steal money from your account, no joke.

    I began banking with Crow River Bank in 2011. I opened a personal checking account first, then a business checking account later.

    Initially, I was happy with their high interest rate for personal checking because it allowed me to earn 3%, which is unheard of. Of course there were some restrictions, but it wasn't an issue.

    About a year later, my interest rate started decreasing, and small fees started to appear. Not dismayed by this, I kept banking as usual. However, without notice, they dropped the interest earned to .1% and started charging me a $9.00 fee for account management.

    In addition to the abuse of my personal checking, they also started tacking on fees for my business account. Suddenly, I am being charged an additional $2.00 for a debit card, and $3.00 for a paper statement, which I opted out of and have never received. They refuse to credit it even though they admit the charge was erroneous, WTF?.

    Total, I am being charged $22 per month to even have my checking accounts. Even with this, I did not complain.

    However, things changed on 2/24/14. I deposited money into one account, and did an electronic transfer to another account so there would be sufficient funds to pay some bills early. I paid 5 bills online and proceeded to finish my day. The next day, I saw that my account was overdrawn and that the bank had charged me with 5 overdraft fees for a total of $165 (transfer failed for some reason). Knowing that I transferred the funds, I thought there must be a mistake, so I went in and talked with the VP of the bank. I was met by a rude individual by the name of Patrick. Patrick didn't want to be bothered by my trivial issues and dismissed my explanation, only to say that he would look into the issue and call back before the end of the day. Long story short, I had to call him. Bank refuses to credit overdrafts even though there were funds available.

    These are the actions of a failing establishment. BANK SOMEWHERE ELSE, PLEASE!!!!

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