First National Bank of Omaha Union Colony Bank Branch

1701 23rd Avenue, Greeley, CO 80634

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First National Bank of Omaha Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By C_J Jan 27, 2014


    We have been working on a construction/mortgage loan for 3 months with this bank. In October 2012 we were told if we sold our current home that we would close that same week and that we would only need money for closing. We moved into an apartment signing a 6-month lease in December 2012 with a mortgage commitment letter from First National Bank of Omaha.
    After moving we received an e-mail stating that we could move forward with the mortgage closing if we brought $22,000. This is after our free and clear 4 acres that the bank will be holding-credit of $45,000. We also have been saving every penny and have $17,000 in checking. The mortgage officer didn't have time to talk to us on the phone after that shocking e-mail. Also, her numbers were wrong. We only need to bring $14,900 to closing plus closing costs. (Loan 232,000-build cost 246,900. Closing fees $3,600) She said they wants 6-months mortgage reserve.
    We came up with a plan to withdraw the rest from our 401K. She then unapproved our mortgage loan. She said, "This is what happens when you try to build a house with no assets." I don't see where we are short.
    The loan officer is very rude. She told me to just go and buy a house. She also told me to try another bank.
    We don't know what to do at this point. We were told the mortgage boss would "hold her hand" through the rest of this. But, she still sends ridiculous requests via e-mail. We asked that our file goes to someone else that we can work with. She rudely apologized for our "personalities not meshing".
    This far we have paid for the appraisal ($475), surveyor ($900) and well permits ($150).
    She is going to submit it to underwriting again tomorrow but said we would need $9,000. I am confused $9,000 more for what?
    We are a month behind on building already. We needed to be in our home by August 2014 for the new school year. Her suggestion was to open enroll in the school district. That would be an option if the school wasn't 45 minutes away.

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