First United Bank (Dimmitt, TX) Lubbock Southwest Branch

6604 Frankford Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79424

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Branch Phone Number (806) 798-5800

First United Bank (Dimmitt, TX) Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Steffan Mar 8, 2015

    Not Worth The Trouble - Too Many Hoops To Jump Through

    I have limited experiences with banks, so I didn't quite know what was or is reasonable to expect. The staff is friendly and helpful. No problems there. I just can't recommend the bank because of how tedious it is to get certain benefits with them that you can probably start out with many other banks. The most notable one, which pushed me over the edge to changing banks, was that you're not allowed to make online checking deposits until you've been with them for 6 months minimum. I only realized this and how much of an inconvenience it is about 4 months in, but I thought, "Oh well, I only have a couple more months before I can do it anyways." But then after 2 more months I found out that you have to have more than $1000 in your account and also have no history of overdrafts with them. So both of these factors made it so I could still not make online checking deposits. I would literally have to go into their physical bank location to get my checks from work deposited into my account. This was quite a hassle.

    What made me even more frustrated was that it was due to their online website malfunctioning and me not being able to see my balance for a couple days that I had gotten the overdraft in the first place which disqualified me from making deposits through their app rather than in person. I had the money to keep me from being overdrafted but had no way of depositing the money (it was the weekend so I couldn't go into the bank's physical location) or knowing that I was in danger of being overdrafted. Thus, I ended up being charged overdraft fees for very small charges on my debit card - things I could have easily paid for with cash had I had a way of knowing I was even at risk of being overdrafted.

    To their credit, I explained this situation to them and they refunded half of the overdraft fees they hit me with for this, but still... the whole situation wasn't really even my fault in the first place.

    I also had frequent problems with their website and app.

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