HSBC Bank Hanson Place Branch

122 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Boerum Hill Location

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Branch Phone Number 800.975.4722

HSBC Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By korgy Nov 10, 2013

    very disappointed recently

    i had 8 different small business accounts with HSBC for many years. it started with only a few, and they encouraged me to open more. like many people, i recently was informed they are closing my small business accounts. no explanation. i moved most of my money to Chase, who was very welcoming.

    after a little googling, i learned that HSBC was hut with close to a $2 billion fine for allowing money laundering last, mostly Latin drug cartels. apparently they weren't monitoring their accounts closely enough. this explains why they are simply pulling out of the 'small business" business.

    the way in which they did this stunt -- closing hundreds of thousands (millions?) of small biz accounts is unbelievable. they just sent everybody letters saying after Nov 8th, your accounts will be closed. they give an 800 number, but it is useless in terms of understanding.

    frankly, i was always happy with HSBC -- i liked them because they are all over the world including Asian. nothing like going to an HSBC ATM in Istanbul to get direct access to your account.

    now i get it though.

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