HSBC Bank Elmhurst East Branch

8703 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, NY 11373

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Branch Phone Number 800.975.4722

HSBC Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By complaint Feb 13, 2014

    We have a Terrible experience with loan application. The worst I have seen.

    1. They even wrote a wrong address on several pages in the loan application package then sent us. When we asked them to change they still sent the wrong package with the wrong address. Of course they finally sent us a correct one but it wasted us about a week. I have email evidence to prove this.

    2. The loan processor emailed me asking me to explain how I had over $50,000 on my checking account. I was very surprised because in my life I had never got this big money. I immediately wrote to her to tell her that it was a big mistake because I had only over $10,000 on that account. Also, I sent her the bank statement again to prove that it was a mistake she had made. She did not apologize at all. She even did not reply to me for this huge mistake she had made. I have email evidence to prove this.

    3. It was very difficult to communicate with them regarding loan application. They have difficulty communicating among themselves. For example, we had submitted some key documents already to one loan representative but the loan processor would ask us to give these documents again. would asked us to give those documents again and again. We have email evidence to prove this. At the beginning stage they hardly answered our calls. After we made a complaint, then they started to respond to our calls. But as a customer the beginning stage is crucial and he or she needs most assistance.

    4. They would not ask us to provide this or that separately, not in a whole, which cost us a lot of trouble.

    5. We would never deal with this bank. We have all the evidence to back up what we have said here. If necessary we would file a formal complaint to the country's commercial and federal agencies. That is why we have kept all the email communications with them.

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