HSBC Bank Kissena Boulevard Branch

4177 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11355

Flushing Location

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Branch Phone Number 800.975.4722

HSBC Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Dan Aug 29, 2013

    Terrible customer service reps. Couldn't get anything done. They are rude, incredibly slow, and unorganized.

    I called customer service to help out my aunt. The first phone call went well. I got the info. that we needed to sign up for the rewards account. I tried to sign her up, but it said "At this time. we are unable to register you online." We called CS again to tell them to transfer us to the rewards dep and the lady on the phone told me that they are unable to transfer me even though just 5 minutes ago, the other CS rep. transferred us. After that, we called the number that she gave us for the rewards dep. and the person on the phone said that he needs to talk to my aunt directly, which I completely understand, but I wish someone would tell us that before so we can ask to be transferred to the interpreters before we called the rewards dep. I also asked him why we could not sign up online and he said that he cannot give me that info. That is a very general question about the site and had nothing to do with my aunt's account so he should be able to answer that question. I called customer service again, asked them to transfer us to an interpreter, and when they transferred us, the person on the phone for the interpretation office told us that the person working for HSBC got disconnected and told me to call customer service again. We called and got someone who put us on hold for a long time to transfer us to the interpreters office. When that office finally picked up, the person asked me what language we wanted. I told her and she put me on hold again. After another long hold, she came back and asked what language again. I said the language and ask politely "I thought I answered this before?" And her reply was "Do you WANT an interpreter!?" Why would I be on the phone waiting for an interpreter if i didn't want one? She put me on hold again. We waited for an hour and finally got an interpreter, but the person who was supposed to talk to them has already hung up probably because they could not wait an hour. Their customer service is incredibly slow, ineffective, and rude.

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