Huntington North Street Branch

1111 W. North Street, Jackson, MI 49202

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Huntington Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Dorian1970 Apr 1, 2015

    Citizen's buyout was a complete mess, but now teller theft!

    After the Citizen's buyout my debit card was shut down and my account without my knowledge. I found out when my phone and internet were shut down due to direct withdrawal funds not being available. Got that all straightened out without even a sorry from First Merit.

    Now I've had a check cashed at the Jackson, MI-North St. Branch by a teller and did not receive the money. Left frustrated and forgot the check was not returned to me after the teller refused to cash it due to insufficient funds in the account. No problems with another larger check 3 days later, but I deposited part of that one. Two weeks later after the manager went over all video feed (nothing on video) and questioning the teller. He will not show me any transaction details or video feed. He stopped communicating with me and said he believes his teller over me. They also said do not contact the police, that their own security team would handle it. Even though there's nothing showing I received the money. Don't even know the teller's name, but supposedly she went against bank policy of not cashing a check if the funds aren't available. Why did she not say she was getting special authorization to cash the check? Why did she tell me to go somewhere else, instead of saying here's your cash that I'm placing in the tube? Why does the bank claim that they only have camera's on the customers and not the tellers? I've never even heard of such a thing? That's some serious teller trust there.

    When this was initially brought to the managers attention, after he investigated the incident had told me the check wasn't even cashed there. Besides he said, like the teller told me, "they under NO circumstance cash checks unless the funds are available to cover them for this reason." Once I got him the copy of the check a week later with the numbers on the back, it mysteriously showed up in their system?

    Basically they can steal money from customers without any recourse.

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