Huntington Nordonia Hills Branch

8300 Golden Link Boulevard, Northfield, OH 44067

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Branch Phone Number 330-467-7127

Huntington Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By NoFirstMerit Jul 8, 2014

    They want your money through fees. Poor customer service.

    Ever since I started my First merit accounts I have been hit with fees of all sorts. The latest incident just occurred today. I try to keep a meticulous checking account record because I live paycheck to paycheck and I usually come down to a few dollars between transactions approaching payday. This week I was a day off. Probably lost due to overtime work this holiday weekend. They state that at the end of the business day I was overdrawn 148.00 due to four transactions (One being for $8.00). At midnight I had nearly $2000.00 deposited from work. The next day they charged me $140.00 in fees after they processed a $2000.00 deposit. For their overdraft protections they require you to have a savings account or credit card with them. I moved my savings account to another bank because of poor, inconsiderate staff at my local branch, so I don't even qualify for their overdraft protection. There were several earlier instances of poor customer service leading me to leave with my savings. One was where I wanted to deposit my son's tax return check into our checking account after we gave him the cash because he was switching to an out of state bank. they would not accept the check unless he deposited into his own account. He didn't even have an account at First Merit. They said he needed to open one. It was a tax return check. Endorsed by my son and I and to top it all off my son was standing next to me to verify that it was stolen or such. The lady was rude and I immediately withdrew my savings and went down the street where we opened an account and had no problems with the deposit.

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