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Huntington Willard Branch

501 Fort Ball Road, Willard, OH 44890

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Branch Phone Number 419-935-0191

Huntington Branch Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By thedj1963 Nov 10, 2014

    Omg - They Screwed Me Over Again

    First Meritt Bank in Willard is one of the most screwed up businesses in the world. Oh, i"m so mf'n pissed right now. These freakin' jokers screwed me over 3 years ago on a loan to buy a place because they took so long to process the loan - 4 months - and every month they'd inquire on my credit score. The multiple inquiries brought my credit score down so the bank then charged me an extra 1/4% interest on the loan. This time they've screwed me twice already on doing this one loan forcing me to cancel final signing and acquisition of the place 2 times.

    I had an appointment at 1pm today to get the $15,000 only to find out they screwed the paper work up where they were gonna charge me $165 closing costs and an extra 1/4% interest on the loan. So now they have to redo the paper work which according to them will take days - then i sign them - and then have to wait another 3 days after signing before i can actually get the money. This is now over 2 weeks extra waiting because of this bank and since the property i"m buying is income producing property - they are actually losing me money out of my pocket due to their screw ups.

    Do you think they are sorry and offer to compensate me for my loss due to their screw ups? Nope! By my calculations they will be costing me near $1,000 in lost income. Any lawyer on here wanna help me sue this worthless company? Because of their screw ups, the title company then has to refigure everything as well and draw up new papers because the amount due and dates will change. I've never been so pissed off in my life as i am right now.

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    Reviewed By jbeabout Feb 24, 2015

    Excellent Bank

    I am surprised to read anything negative about first merit bank in willard. We moved all of our accounts to them after a different willard bank messed up our accounts during their name change/acquisition and we have been very pleased. All of the cashiers and management are friendly, helpful, and go the extra mile. I would highly recommend this branch of the bank.

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