IBC Bank Sinton Branch

301 West Sinton Street, Sinton, TX 78387

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IBC Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By college_bit Jul 30, 2014

    Ridiculous- This Place Doesn't Deserve Business

    I'm a college student who is still trying to weave my way though the banking world, and unfortunately, this branch sure did disappoint. After spending an entire summer going in every week to deposit my checks, I was incredibly dismayed that every single visit resulted in some form of error on the tellers' part. From claiming that I don't have an account, to mixing up my accounts, and even so far as to accidentally placing my funds into another person's account. When I took this problem up with their head honcho (I believe his name was Steve, but don't quote me on that) he proceeded to make me feel insignificant and in turn blamed ME for all issues that had occurred. I'm currently making plans to switch banks. How can any adult feel comfortable placing their funds into a bank that holds no regard for their customers to begin with?

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