Intrust Bank, National Association 13th & West Dillons

13th And West Streets, Wichita, KS 67203

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Branch Phone Number 316-383-1234

Intrust Bank, National Association Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By IvyY Nov 6, 2013

    Poor Customer Service; Exhorbitant Overdraft Fees

    One of my staff swiped the wrong amount of money on a customer's credit card. My staff was handed $50 cash and an Intrust Bank credit card. Instead of swiping the card for the bill less $50, he ran it for the full amount. The customer was also buying his friend's dinner and informed my staff a few seconds later. This was where the 'confusion' happened.

    Long story short, the customer was charged 4 overdraft fees by his bank, Intrust, totalling $140.

    We had to reimburse the customer the amount. BUT this took two emails on our part and the customer's time to talk to them about the mistake.

    The bank was tardy and did not respond in a timely manner; customer service was curt and unsympathetic.

    We have a long relationship with our bank (thankfully not Intrust) and we have come to appreciate them even more, after this cut-throat experience with Intrust.

    We bank with two banks for more than 20 years, and have never seen such unbending and cold attitude from a large bank as Intrust.

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