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KeyBank Denver Branch

1675 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202

Central Business District Location

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Branch Phone Number 303-298-1234

KeyBank Branch Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Linksvu Apr 10, 2014

    A bank with much needed improvement in the customer service and service offerings departments

    I was a long-term (over 10 years) customer of KeyBank, and even defended them on a few occasions with family members, but finally reached the point where their weak, and weakening, quality of customer service was not worth keeping all of our business with them. Here are the main reasons:

    I do not have much experience with other mid-to large banks but Key impresses me as very greedy and stingy: overdraft "rules" heavily skewed in their favor; fees or penalties for just about anything they could find; and their credit offerings were a fraction of other institutions.

    Clear sub-par service: a very unfriendly and unhelpful corporate call center (most answers were go to a local branch); difference types of accounts managed completely separately (loans, credit cards, checking accounts, line of credits, etc) with no communication between departments; and turn-around times were downright terrible (one car loan took over 3 months to close!).

    With all of the other banks and offerings out there, as a long-term customer I simply could not put up with such a low service bank, with below or just average offerings (online was acceptable, bank staff was usually acceptable) any longer.

    I will never go back to such a lowly bank as KeyBank having experienced USAA now -- a real bank that cares about their customers and offers services that lead the industry.

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    Reviewed By K G. Feb 14, 2013

    I'll Bank Elsewhere

    Opened account about a month ago online, thought i'd give them a try. Worse mistake i could have made. Open my account with my married name and the changed it to my maiden, how i have no idea. Took for ever for my opening deposit to post. Took weeks to get a debit card, which again did not have my married last name. Then when i thought it was resovled found out the manage of the branch never did anything until it was brought up again. I took all my $$ out and told them i was closing the account. Now they are charging me $40 on account i told them to close.

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    Reviewed By Mathew d. May 2, 2014

    KeyBank minupulates you into fees and is unethical as a bank.

    They lied to me and gave me the worst customer service ever. This is the first time I have ever filed a complaint. The Downtown Denver location has a office manager that refuses to give you the service you would expect from a bank. He flat out refused to send me the paper work I asked for. They even acused me falsely of making a scene in there store when I only said 11 word. I said,"I need what's left in my account and please close it." I have know idea how that is so threatening that they sent me a letter not to come into the branch again any ways I closed my account. The manager filed this false statement to cover himself because I was talking to corporate head quarters and his lack of desire to do his job.

    Avoid KeyBank in Colorado at all costs. Why support a bank that doesn't post deposits in your account first like most banks do. You will find out there a second class bank that needs to lie and minipulate your account so they can can collect fees that you wouldn't have at other banks. Wen your in there just ask yourself why there is so little customers in there all the time. And at 5pm when you get off work they only have 1 teller in the store and you have to wait 15-20 minutes to do a 2 minute task. They should have a F rating or a D- rating and they should be investigated by the attorney generals office for fraud. I have no idea how a 1 star rating on this site equals a c plus rating.

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