KeyBank Keizer Station Branch

2680 Jorie Lane Ne, Keizer, OR 97303

Northgate Location

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Branch Phone Number 503-304-3070

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    Reviewed By pfuller Jul 30, 2016

    Poor and Indifferent Customer Service

    On Friday, July 29th about 5:30pm, I brought my paycheck into the Keizer Station Key bank to be cashed. Though I do not have a Key bank account, I have cashed it there during the last year as my employer uses Key bank and their check is issued using Key bank. In the past, for a $5 fee, they have allowed me to cash my check using two pieces of identification. I have always used my drivers license and private health insurance card. On this occasion, however, the young man refused to honor my insurance card as proof of identification. He wanted me to open a "no hassle" account which would allow key bank to waive the check cashing fee. I declined and asked if another ID could suffice--AAA card, social security card,etc. He laughed.

    He requested another bank card, visa, master card, employee ID card, or passport. I explained that my employer does not make employee ID cards available and that I was in chapter 13 bankruptcy. I have cancer and my wife lives in a state of permanent heart failure so we have many medical bills. Our court appointed trustee does not allow us to have credit cards. Regarding bank cards, I have a difficult time trusting banks.In 2010 we lost our home in the great recession due to Bank of Americas mishandling of our refinance for a modified loan. This nationwide mishandling of thousands was featured on a national news show. The day after we lost our home, the Federal government froze all modified loans from Bank of America. We were part of a class action suit and, along with many others, were awarded $2000, but that was little comfort for losing our children s childhood home located on the same cul-de-sac as our extended family., This Key bank teller finally allowed me to cash my paycheck this one last time and insisted it would not be cashed in the future without complying to their new rules.

    The indifference of this bank teller toward my situation and his condescending attitude left me feeling foolish. His use of my plight as an opportunity to "sell" me another bank account left me feeling angry. His lack of empathy for those who experienced difficulty during the great recession is perhaps indicative of the reason that people like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders find such a receptive audience of people who applaud the idea of breaking up big banks.

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