KeyBank Downtown Drive-Up Branch

1221 North State Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

Central Business District Location

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Branch Phone Number 360-676-6317

KeyBank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By flamingdepositer Apr 24, 2013

    Prepare to pay an arm and a leg in fees

    I am so frustrated with key bank that I canceled my accounts and am going to join a credit union. I over drafted my debit card and instead of alerting me or declining my card they just charged me 37 dollars every time I went over. I noticed it after the first one, added the money to pay it off and then deposited 80 at the nearest branch. Because it took them so long for my deposit to go through, I over drafted again, then didn't have enough but was unaware of this so I over drafted again and again. I had to pay over 180 dollars in fees alone. The fact that I was still able to use my card at this point and that the bank never notified me is ridiculous. Also, they have fees for everything, using an atm, non online banking etc. I also have gone out of the country several times and was able to use my card without notifying them and without drawing any suspicion. This might be a positive to some, but to me it shows that they are not keeping good enough track. What am I getting for all this extra money? Nothing. Their interests rates are nothing special the website is totally organized. Key Bank sucks. I'm joining a credit union.

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