KeyBank Kennewick Branch

23 West Kennewick Avenue, Kennewick, WA 99336

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 509-582-2121

KeyBank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By craigslistrr O. Apr 21, 2015

    Worst bank in the area

    Thinking of banking at FEEbank?.. think again.
    Here is a list of fees, tricks and otherwise underhanded tactics to keep in mind.
    true, Interest rates are cheap, But don't let that fool you, what they forgo in interest, they MORE than make up for in fees. YOU WILL BE SOAKED AND SMOTHERED IN FEES AND SLOW DEPOSIT POSTINGS, To escape the cycle, you Must pay off what you owe and close, close, close that account!

    CHARGE-, to mobile bank.
    CHARGE- for your paper bank statement.
    CHARGE - if you make less than 5 transactions in a month.


    forget it, you must apply for a line of credit, then attach it to your checking account, you now have a loan on your credit report. But make sure it actually gets attached to your checking account.

    Do you STILL want a Line of credit?.. here's the rules.
    CHARGE- to send you your monthly bill
    CHARGE- per transaction to actually use it

    So, you are still ok with all these and still want to bank with them..

    ONLINE- bank statement:
    Very difficult to read,
    Loan due dates are very small and in italics. The very thing that most consumers want to be able to find easily.

    Over the phone Customer service:
    probably out of India judging by the accent, I never had my problems resolved over the phone as I can't understand the CSR, In frustration, I just hang up.
    Banking in person at local branches:
    WAY to FEW tellers.
    Local CSR seriously lack experience, they don't know how to resolve simple problems such as tellers depositing money in the wrong account. Tellers are preoccupied with other tasks, even when I am the only one standing in line, I wait in line.

    Today I pay off my credit line, and close my account. I am soo done with keybank.. Too many fees, lousy customer service, and uninformed,inept tellers, who don't bother posting deposits in a timely manner.

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