KeyBank Westside Branch

2920 Harrison Avenue Nw, Olympia, WA 98502

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Branch Phone Number 360-753-8519

KeyBank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Cynthia G. Feb 20, 2013

    Exceptionally Poor Customer Service.

    Have been a customer since september 1988 (prior to the bank being key bank). Needed to deposit a check from a large national insurane company and withdraw some as cash at same time. They claimed their 2 day hold "policy" (which i completely understand), however they were completely unwilling to make even a simple phone call to this insurance company to rule out fraud or that the insurance company had any intention of stop payment verifying validity and thus ability to accept the check and cash withdrawal. One simple phone call. To one of the largest insurance companies in this country.

    For a loyal customer of almost 25 years. However, i, not being part of the 1%, was obviously not important enough for this one, simple, what used to be common practice courtesy to be extended to. With no other customers in the bank i was not "holding up the line"! As a fiduciary for many estates and trusts as well as in my work clients frequently ask me what banks to use or not use, i have now moved key bank into the "absolutely do not use and close all accounts you have with" column. No 1 in customer service? There are signs all over their bank claiming this. I have to conclude the only way they accomplished this feat in order to make such a statement without deceipt is the only competition for the title was themselves.

    Do not bank at key bank. Instead try a local bank or credit union, then, at least if they pull "policies" out resulting in their unearned and undesearved gains the money will stay within your community. Even though my score will appear as 1 out of 5 here, be assured it is less than zero out of anything!

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