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PNC Bank Steel Plaza Branch

600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 412-762-6120

PNC Bank Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By BKT Jul 8, 2014


    MANY instances of purchases not showing up until a week later, even though it will show as 'pending' online the day of the purchase, by the very next day it will literally disappear (without being deducted) and then all of a sudden show up, and be deducted, a WEEK later. Good luck if you are running low on funds and trust your PNC online banking is correct because you will overdraw your account. You do online banking so you don't/shouldn't have to keep track of every single purchase you make. Online banking means the bank is taking care of that for you, with PNC that is not what happens.

    There are MANY complaints of their online banking not working, either unable to log on or you can log on and a message says 'oops sorry an error occurred' or 'unable to access your account at this time'. What good is online banking when 60% of the time it isn't working or your purchases appear and disappear?

    Also, if you write checks using your PNC online banking, there is no way for you to see (after you hit send) that you have that outstanding check until it is cashed. In other words, write an online check and hit send, later on if you can't remember if you paid that bill or not and go back to your PNC online banking to check, there is no way to confirm/see you have already sent it and you may send out a second check thinking you did not pay that bill yet, or, if the company or individual you sent the online check to holds onto the check for some time and does not cash it right away you may forget that money will be coming out of your account, again if you live paycheck to paycheck and your available funds are needed to be known, this is yet another way PNC can have you overdraw your account. I have complained of that numerous times and there is never a resolve, you get the run around. PNC may have advantages over other banks, and unfortunately employers INSIST you have a bank account for direct deposit if you want to work for them, but any and all banks do not care anymore.

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    Reviewed By smm161 Jan 6, 2014

    The Worst!

    I bank with a very small credit union in my hometown, but decided to move on to PNC so transactions would be quicker and smoother with the developed online banking system. Well, that was a mistake. The amount of time it takes for a transaction to go through is ridiculous. I tried to transfer money from my credit union the day I opened the account and it told me to wait three to five business days for it to activate. Fine, but then when it finally did active (five days later) I tried to transfer money and it said "Wait three to five business days for your transaction to complete." That money left my credit union immediately, but NEVER posted to my pnc account. I spoke with several representative, but they all just kept telling me to wait three to five more business days. After four weeks of a completely useless bank account and poor customer service I finally decided to cancel my account. Not only were they rude about that, but they had the nerve to charge be an "early cancellation fee" even though the account had NEVER BEEN USED because I waited FOUR WEEKS for a single transaction. Don't be fooled into thinking a big bank is better.

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