Regions Bank Moores Mill Rd Huntsville Branch

1031 Winchester Road Ne, Huntsville, AL 35811

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

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    Reviewed By Fedup with Regions Sep 26, 2014

    Regions Banks Are Bank Robbers!

    Have had multiple accounts with them for over 10 years but started experiencing problems when i received an equitity loan. I obtained the loan for convince and immediately paid it off (within days) and requested that regions close the account. It was not until i went to refinance my mortgage and the credit check revealed that the account was showing opened. It took regions 3 months, at least 6 trips to the bank, and me making a scene in the bank to get the account closed.

    Each time they said, "we can only request corporate close the account. We can't make them close it. "all the while my interest rate is fluctuating. Then i argue a fraudulent charge on my account because someone was writing checks from an online business with my account number. Regions doesnt know how someone was able to use my account information to write checks. The represenative kept questioning me like i was really writing business checks from my personal account. She made me so angry i final told her to just close my accounts. She then said its okay, we will dispute the charge. I insisted they close the accounts.

    They said they had to leave the account opened while they dispute the charges. I told them fine but i want all of my money out of the bank and leave minimal amount to keep it open ($30) and they would notify me once the dispute was resolved. After a couple of weeks (early sep), i receive a letter saying that they were charging me $16 ($8 aug. & $8 sep) for not having a minimal amount in my account.

    I went today to argue the charges and get the remainder of my money. First they said i should have known the dispute was resolved when i saw an increase in my balance. First they said, they would give me $8 for sep and i would have to come back to close my account. Isaid forget it just close my account. She said they couldn't because i had a credit coming. Can't give me the money and can't close my account. They said they will send me a check and close my account. Regions will nickel and dime you to death.

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